[Kinoko931% (Taono Kinoko)] Koibito Gokko 2 [Digital]

[Kinoko931% (Taono Kinoko)] Koibito Gokko 2 [Digital]

I remember the feeling
of your cool lips against mine
at your place sitting on the sofa
for the very first time

I remember the first
blow job I gave to you
a rainy saturday afternoon
it was the only thing we wanted to do

I remember walking in
you stripped for me
heels off, bra off, knickers off
to reveal that prefect figure I aways see

I remember that anal
you gave me at midnight
My mum walked in to see what was
going on, it gave us such a fright

I remember when you restrained me
With a blindfold on I fell for all your tricks
You tortured me so
You naughty dominatrix

I remember that time in Greece
Upon that secluded beach
Doggy style on the baking sand
Where you showed me all your treats

I remember the threesome
on that day in May
With that extra girl
we fucked all day

I remember you came round to the office
Pretending to organise a meeting
But as I soon discovered
you offered more than a friendly greeting

I remember you went away once
But you left some photos
Which I recall you saying
I could jack off over

I remember out incredible days
not to mention the crazy nights
I asked if we could do it again some time
but you've only said we might. Go to page .

Hentai: [Kinoko931% (Taono Kinoko)] Koibito Gokko 2 [Digital]

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[きのこ931% (汰尾乃きのこ)]恋人ごっこ2[DL版]

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